Book of Deadly Irish Quotations


Book of Deadly Irish Quotations

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"Ever dreamt of cutting dead some annoying fecker in the pub with some razor sharp witticism? Ever imagined bringing your boss or bank manager down to size with a turn of phrase that cuts the ground from under him? Wouldn't you just love to open your door to a smugly grinning politician and wipe the smile off his face with a remark so pointed it stabs him through his empty heart?" (Blurb from book).

We love this book so much we even wrote a blog post about it. The best of the best quotes from Irish geniuses, including Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and George Best.

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  • Written by Colin Murphy
  • Published by O'Brien Press
  • Drawings by Donal O'Dea
  • Hardback
  • 63 pages